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Wireless Access Systems

Computer Networking

We know your computer’s network is the core of your business information exchange. Your computer networking facilitates sharing of information and resources allowing multiple users to communicate efficiently and easily via various means.

What we do:

  • Facilitate communication through email, telephones, video conferencing, printers, scanners, and fax machines
  • Enable multiple users to share a single hardware device, such as printer, scanner, and fax machine
  • Enable file sharing across the network
  • Allow for the sharing of software or operating programs on remote systems
  • Make  information easier to access and maintain among network users

Necessary hardware:

  • Network Cables which are used to connect computers
  • Distributors are the central body to which other computers, printers etc. can be connected and this body manages network traffic
  • Routers are a device which acts as the central point among computers and other devices that are part of a network
  • Network Cards allow computer to be connected over a network

Our technicians have the expertise to structure your computer network for ideal data flow.


Call on the Advance Team to bridge structured cabling through computer networking to your security cameras, audio visual, phone system, and more!

Computer Networking: We use components of uncompromising quality and are an authorized dealer of the following manufacturers