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Are Poor Communications Slowing Down Your Operation?

Communication bottlenecks, unreliable connections, and limited coverage disrupt operations, hamper productivity, and hinder your processes. Modernizing your cellular connectivity enables seamless and reliable connectivity in even the most remote industrial environments.

Stay Connected Anywhere

Advance Communications has established ourself as the trusted partner of numerous energy companies, and industrial facilities assisting them in maintaining the smooth operation of their infrastructure. Our expertise extends to remote site connectivity, where we have leveraged advanced cellular data networks, and fiber optic technologies to replace costly leased line networks.

Take Advantage of Enhanced Cellular Connectivity

Cellular broadband offers businesses a wide range of advantages including reliable connections, flexibility, high speeds, scalability, and improved WAN infrastructure. With these benefits, businesses can ensure uninterrupted connectivity, increase productivity, and easily adapt to evolving connectivity needs in today's dynamic digital landscape.


Cell Boosters

Cellular boosters provide advantages such as enhanced signal strength, improved coverage, better data speeds, and improved efficiencies. They are an effective solution for overcoming weak cellular signals, ensuring reliable connectivity, and enhancing the overall cellular experience in various environments, including buildings and vehicles.

Enhanced Signal Strength

Cellular boosters, also known as signal boosters or amplifiers, are designed to enhance weak cellular signals. They capture existing outside signals, amplify them, and rebroadcast them indoors. This improves signal strength, making it possible to overcome obstacles such as distance from cell towers, building materials, or geographical features that may weaken cellular signals.

Improved Coverage

Cellular boosters extend the coverage area of cellular networks within buildings or vehicles. They help eliminate areas with poor or no cellular reception, ensuring consistent connectivity throughout the space. This is particularly beneficial for larger buildings, remote areas, or locations with weak cellular infrastructure.

Increased Data Speed & Performance

Weak cellular signals often result in slow data speeds and poor network performance. Cellular boosters address this issue by amplifying the signals, leading to improved data speeds and overall network performance. Faster download and upload speeds enable efficient browsing, smooth streaming, and faster file transfers.

Cost Effective Solution

Instead of investing in expensive infrastructure upgrades or relying on costly rental equipment, a cellular booster can enhance existing cellular signals at a fraction of the cost. It eliminates the need for additional monthly subscriptions or contracts, making it a more affordable option for individuals or businesses looking to improve cellular connectivity within specific areas.

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