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Paging: Bell Schedule Systems

Benefits of Paging & Bell Schedule Systems

  • Increased safety & security
  • One operator to initiate and launch messages to the exact locations where it is needed
  • Rapidly, accurately, reliably and cost effectively deploy Emergency Messages to large numbers of people
  • Centralized System for maintenance, administration & supervision
  • Graphical user interface runs on Windows®
  • Point to click message launching
  • Distance immunity
  • Built-in redundancy (Redundant emergency page function)
  • Inherently secure
  • ADA /OSHA compliant employee alarm notification with digital clocks and electronic message displays to indicate the current time in their default state, but they can also display textual messages, complementing the audio-paging functionality. Critical information is provided for the hearing impaired or amid very high level of ambient noise. This function complements the audio messaging to augment the level of comprehension among all message recipients.


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