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Access Control: Additional layer of security
Access Control: Fingerprint access control and time clock feature

Access Control and Biometric Authentication

The limitations of the common lock and key are overcome with Access Control. A building or facility can manage who, where and when a person is authorized to access an area with a computer management system of a credential-based admission. Admission is granted with a card key, fingerprint or facial recognition. The lost, stolen or unauthorized transfer of a key is a thing of the past.

Whether you are considering a conversion from mechanical key entry system to an access control system or needing to upgrade your current access control system, call on Advance Communications & Consulting, Inc. Our team of experienced technicians can recommend, design and install a solution.

  • Card Credential-Based Admission
  • Computer Managed System
  • Denied Access is Recorded
  • Card Not Easily Duplicated
  • Easily Replaced if lost or stolen
  • Biometric Authentication Facial Recognition
  • Biometric Authentication Fingerprint Access
  • Time Clock Attendance Feature
  • Highly Difficult to Duplicate
  • Additional Layer of Security

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